Brand Creates Cohesion, Not Conformity

Classic, Bold, Minimal, and Luxe. These adjectives have a different meaning at Nest. As a designer, I hear those words and I see color swatches, textures, font styles, and other elements that go into these four brand styles we have at Nest. Having different brand styles allows for different people, personalities, and properties to have a home at Nest. These styles create cohesion, not conformity.

If I were a brand, I think I would be somewhere between Classic and Bold. I like the bright, poppy colors and the chance to incorporate illustrations. Classic is the original Nest feel; warm, inviting, and bursting with enthusiasm. Bold is a modern take on this, keeping the bright colors but incorporating geometric elements. Classic is the baseline; it is powerful because it connects with everyone. Multiple fonts, patterns, and colors exist within Classic, so it’s not the “boring” option—it has the broadest reach to creativity.

While my designs lean toward Classic and Bold, I am drawn to the aesthetics of Minimal and Luxe. I appreciate the refined and dignified styles that can do a lot with a little. Sometimes having more space within a design creates room to breathe and focus on the subject, not to compete for attention.

As a designer, often I have to separate my personal preference from the project I am working on. While my personal style is Bold and Classic, I am constantly designing Luxe and Minimal pieces. I do this by creating feelings associated with each brand, as if to begin to personify them. For example, Minimal feels light, airy, and sophisticated. It is both serene and understated, complex and simplified. This feels like soft linen on a summer’s day, or a cozy shawl on a fall afternoon.

These styles are constantly evolving, and they grow through the continued projects I do at Nest. From agent brochures and postcards to social media graphics and animations, the brand styles can be applied to anything we design at Nest. Getting to be a part of the creation of Nest moving forward is exciting, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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