Print Is Not Dead

By now, almost everyone has heard the phrase “print is dead.” Our technology has evolved to provide us with all the information and resources we could need right at our fingertips. Soon, physical newspapers will become obsolete as we increasingly rely on our screens to provide us with our daily news. While technology continues to advance, it’s also important to consider this question: Was humanity designed to revolve around screens?

Nicholas Brown wrote, “The more our lives are influenced by digital media, the more we are drawn to print as a retreat from online space.” As a media studies major, I studied the sociological impact of media technology, and this sentiment is one I strongly agree with. It is also why, as a designer, I was first drawn to print. It is the same reason why receiving a physical card in the mail will always feel more intentional and personal than receiving an email. Interacting with any piece of print media is a sensory experience that cuts through the noise. It is a distraction-free moment that stands out among the hundreds of emails fighting for your attention. Print pieces, especially ones that are well designed, are memorable.

Enter Nest Realty. Before working here, I thought I would have to give up these feelings and adopt a solely digital existence if I wanted to be a successful graphic designer. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nest truly values good design; it is at the center of everything we do. And as a design-centric company, print is valued just as much as digital. Learning the extensive process of getting something like our NEST Magazine printed, bound, and shipped to thousands of people has blown my mind. Behind every physical piece we make, there is an intricate process involving different machines, checkpoints, and individuals with expertise ranging from mixing ink to proofing variable data. My job is to design print pieces, but that only covers about half the journey.

I am incredibly thankful to work for a company that values how people experience the marketing materials we put into the world. There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing that our mailers provide people with a respite from a sensory-overloaded world. Whether it’s ripping open a FON mailer to find a bookmark for your next read or spending time with your family decorating a “Let It Snow” banner, moments like these are ones that matter.

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