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Business card, shmusiness card. We can do it better.


Why put your contact information on something so small and easy to lose, when you can use that opportunity to make an amazing first impression? Like all that we aim to do at Nest, we looked at the moment an agent first meets potential new clients and thought about how to make it better. 

We beefed up our business cards. We wanted our Agent Brochure to feel more impactful, and that meant, in part, making it take up more space! Compared to your average business card, the Agent Brochure is impossible to miss, whether you’re handing it to a friend of a friend or you’re pinning it on the corkboard at your local coffee shop. And with the distinct Nest color and branding, we like to think it makes a great first impression.

The agent brochure is more impactful than a business card. In conjunction with our marketing materials, it conveys a level of professionalism not found in other agencies. I like that I can tailor the brochure to match my personality and my message. a happy Nest agent

Agents are able to customize their Agent Brochure through Nest Design Center, which automatically inputs much of their information. They can choose to highlight what makes them great, whether it’s their market expertise, past successes, happy client testimonials, or all of the above. We like to think the Agent Brochure is just another reason clients choose to work with a Nester. (Because if you market yourself that great, just imagine what you could do for their listing!)

I put it in my new buyer & listing presentation packets… The most valuable element of the agent brochure is the awesome personalization, of course! Thanks again! a happy Nest agent

We believe every moment matters, no matter how small. In fact, we’ve found that it’s often the small thoughts and moments that can make the biggest impact. So no, Nest agents don’t use any old business cards. Instead, they use Agent Brochures to show off their expertise, experience, and know-how.

Got some potential clients? We think you’ll be hearing from them soon.


Easy customizations and high-quality design makes our Agent Brochures a key piece in agents’ marketing arsenal. 

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