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Buyer’s Workbook

Our road map for buyers.

We created one resource to organize all of the moving parts in the home buying journey.


Buying a home is an exciting process, but it can be equally stressful. Add in a challenging buyer’s market and stress levels run even higher. While we can’t control or change what the housing market decides to do, we can provide clients with friendly and informative materials that help them navigate the process with confidence. This is why we created our Buyer’s Workbook.

The Buyer’s Workbook is a comprehensive guide filled with educational content, interactive pages, and plenty of space for clients to take notes throughout all the different buying milestones. Whether they’re doing home tours and need to store MLS sheets and jot down thoughts, prepare for what happens at the closing table, or plan their home maintenance tasks after they move in, the Buyer’s Workbook can help.

Each of our Nest locations has a Buyer’s Workbook that reflects their market. We collaborated with Lead Brokers to localize the photography and content in the workbook to be relevant to their area. Additionally, agents have access to templates where they can further personalize their Buyer Workbooks for their clients.

To introduce this new resource to our flock, we created a video to highlight the buyer’s journey. With Nest, the journey is smooth and enjoyable. With others…well, just watch the video. Things are just better with Nest.


We successfully created an educational tool that can be used frequently throughout the buyer’s journey and beyond.

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