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Closing Package

The best things come in small packages.

For a real estate transaction, the closing table is the finish line. Armed with a closing package, our Nest agents help their clients to commemorate this milestone experience.


At the closing table, a client can sign more than 50 documents and is usually given a set of keys to their new home. In a team brainstorming session, it quickly became clear that both a keychain and a pen would be valuable takeaways to provide at this moment. From there, the question became, how can we provide both of these pieces together in an intentional way?

Our team created a vessel to hold the core components together and include some Nesty messaging. The winning form factor is a custom-folded envelope with slats to hold the pen and keychain in place and plenty of room to write a personal note or include a custom agent sticker on the outside packaging. Since we first developed this piece, the packaging design has seen a few brand design refreshes, but the core of the concept has remained the same.


Though simple, the Nest Closing Package remains memorable for Nest clients. Much like our agents, it provides them with the tools they need and an experience to remember.

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