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Daisy Growing Kit

We help our clients plant roots.

Spring is a great time for agents to show their clients a little love.


We sourced daisy growing kits as a springtime offering for our agents to give as a client appreciation gift. Each kit included a small terra cotta pot with soil, seeds, and care instructions. Clients could add the seeds to their garden or plant them in the pot and place it in a sunny spot in their home. What better way to celebrate spring, home, and wonderful clients than by planting some roots?

As with all of our marketing materials, agent personalization is a top priority. The belly band packaging included a customizable message along with each agent’s photo and contact information. Plus, agents had two different Nesty design styles to choose from to represent their personal brand.

Each daisy kit was designed to be thoughtfully packaged by each individual Nest agent and delivered as a pop-by gift. We think few things help nurture client relationships quite like small, thoughtful moments that sow the seeds for meaningful connections and conversations.


This pop-by helped Nesters grow their businesses by connecting with their network through a sweet and thoughtful spring gift.

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