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This summer was totally booked.

For the second summer spent in a pandemic, we wanted our client mailer to feel extra thoughtful.


When it comes to our Friends of Nest program, we always try to make our mailers useful (a.k.a. not just another promotional recipe card). We came up with a bookmark to encourage the joy of reading (a safe and well-loved summer activity) in our communities. But not just any bookmark. A beautiful, embossed bookmark (with minimal branding) complemented by a customizable book cover-inspired card. The best part? It required little to no work of our agents or Lead Brokers. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

exterior of card that reads "A Summer Novel"
Nest bookmark in an empty notebook
inside of card with message and realtor headshot

But wait, there’s more! In each card we introduced, a beautiful, dedicated microsite filled with thoughtful, localized reading resources. These resources included a curated catalog of local little free libraries, recommended books to read, local places to donate used books, local bookstores, meaningful ways to support literacy in our communities, and ideas for organizing bookshelves.

hands typing on a laptop with on screen

To announce the launch of, we created a video for social media that our Nesters could share.

To help our agents and Lead Brokers promote the summer mailer, we created editable and static social media posts with the release of The Nest Library. With all the content we created between social posts, videos, and blogs, Nesters had enough to carry the campaign into September, which just so happens to be National Literacy Month (yeah, we know, we’re good).

smartphone screens with alternate social media post templates
What a classy client gift your summer novel bookmark is! Very nice and so perfect for me. Thank you! a happy Nest client

Some Nesters even threw parties and events inspired by the bookmarks.

  • Nest Morganton held an event benefiting a local literacy program where guests picked up mailers and bookmarks at a local brewery.
  • Nest Shenandoah Valley created care packages featuring the bookmarks that they dropped off at a local hospital.
  • And finally, Nest New River Valley installed a Little Free Library to live at their office full-time!

Needless to say, our clients and our agents loved it.

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