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Luggage Tags

Spread your wings with the ultimate travel accessory.

A special way to engage clients during summer vacations and business travels.


The idea for custom Nest luggage tags had been simmering for years. So we jumped at the opportunity when the global atmosphere finally felt right.

Every year we aim to make the summer mailer something fun and engaging for clients that will keep Nest top-of-mind even when life gets busy, and in the moments in between the travels and vacations they have planned. And like a trusted agent, a luggage tag is something that you might not always think about, but it sure is important and it’s there when things go awry!

We created three unique designs for our new Nest luggage tags with a corresponding flat card to accompany the gift. Each card had a Nest-crafted message that our agents were able to edit, as well as their contact info at the bottom.

In the launch of the mailer, we created a summer video promoting the luggage tag and encouraged our clients to take photos and share their use of the tags with us on social media.

We heard from a happy client who was sending her eldest child back to college:

Taking Matt back to Charlotte for his move to Denver. Have these on his luggage and the sentiment couldn’t be more fitting.

The luggage tage prompted immediate client conversations with their Nest agent, and have continued to spark follow up interactions as the clients continue to use their luggage tags.

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