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Nest Cookie Jars

There's nothing sweeter than coming home.

We wanted something thoughtful and useful Nest agents could use throughout any clients’ journey.


At Nest, we genuinely care for our clients, which is why we put our time, talent, and hearts into building and nurturing strong relationships. Human touches are baked into everything we do (see what we did there?), which is what led to the Nest Cookie Jar. Because while we wholeheartedly believe there never needs to be a reason for dessert, there’s no better way to build a relationship with someone than through gifting baked goods. Plus, it’s yet another chance for us to work with local businesses we love. And we get a treat? Sounds like a sweet deal to us.

Each Nest location partners with a local bakery in their community to create a special “recipe in a jar” for Nest clients. We recently redesigned our Cookie Jar packaging to encourage both local and agent customizations, while still staying true to the Nest brand. Take a peek at some of the delicious recipes our Nest offices currently offer!

We also work with each Nest office to create a branded cookie baking video their clients can use to help guide them as they follow each recipe. Clients can find these videos, in addition to special cookie recipes and bakery information on TheNestBakery.com, our dedicated Cookie Jar website. So, sell your home? Cookie jar! Find your forever home? Cookie jar! Snow day in town? Cookie jar!

I delivered cookie jars to several of my clients during our last snow storm! Everybody loved them! Big success! a happy Nest agent
Cookie jars and inspection boxes make the buying side fun. a happy Nest agent

lead brokers and agents have a range of label customization options


Our adorable, Nesty Cookie Jars make the perfect gift for buyer and seller clients alike.

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