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Nest U

How Nesters stay in the know.

Nest agents stay knowledgeable about Nest tools, industry trends, and beyond.


That’s why we created Nest U, our hub for ongoing agent education and onboarding, with lessons in business development, market data analysis, Nest tool tutorials, expert speaker series, and more.

Nesters can find Nest U (and all the other tools in their arsenal) through our online tech platform, designed and built by us for our agents. Because who wants to remember a new password for each business tool? Each course offers an easy-to-follow outline with breaks and bite-size information, as well as PDF with key takeaways at the end. Plus, agents can enroll in Paths, a special collection of similar courses, to become experts in specific fields or tools.

Notebooks out and pens at the ready… class is in session!

Any time Nest U has updated content for agents, we let them know about it across multiple platforms, from [email protected] itself to our internal Nest Facebook forum to our agent-focused email newsletter, Birdcall. So no matter how Nesters best digest their information, Nest U is there for them.


Nest U helps our agents stay certified experts on all things real estate and Nest.

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