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The Moments Program

Signed, sealed, delivered—and so much more.

The moments matter, so we gave our agents an easy and beautiful way to celebrate them with their clients.


The Moments Program is Nest agents’ opportunity to send thoughtful cards to clients to celebrate milestones like their home buying anniversaries and birthdays. We’ve found that it’s often the small thoughts and moments that can make the biggest impact, which is why we try to think of every detail to help our agents shine and stay top-of-mind with their most valued clients, referral partners, friends, and family.

We truly believe our business revolves around moments big and small, and there’s nothing quite like getting something in the mail to celebrate them.

But we know our agents are busy. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible for them to celebrate these moments with their clients. Annually, we collect our agents’ mailing lists and information, then provide them with their personalized, Nesty Moments cards (plus pre-stamped envelopes!). Knowing that someone (a.k.a. your awesome Nest agent) remembered your significant moment and is thinking of you goes a long way.

My previous clients received their home anniversary card from me and it triggered a conversation. They called me and we ended up listing their home, quickly selling, and buying a new home in their dream neighborhood. This is an AMAZING program that gets results! A Happy Nest Agent

Since no Nest agent or client is the same, we wanted to make our Moments cards as personalized as possible. For each life milestone, our designers created multiple unique and lovely card designs. Plus, agents can customize the text on the inside and outside of each card. They can even add their own digital signature or leave it blank and sign their cards by hand.

These cards are a major time saver and a foolproof way of creating a client experience that they will not forget. A Happy Nest Lead Broker

The Moments Program sets our agents up for maximum warm fuzzies with minimal effort.

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