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Listing Pitch Deck

Nesters’ lasting first impression

At Nest we never get enough marketing, so we leveled up a tried a true resource—the listing presentation.


The Pitch Deck is a beautiful, dedicated, customizable microsite that will impress any potential new client. We designed it to complement the other marketing materials Nest agents have in their arsenal, from the printed version of the presentation to local area market reports to their customized Agent Brochure. The Pitch Deck is a standout, no matter how our agents use it.

Since local love is at the heart of everything we do, each Nest office has its own localized version of the Pitch Deck. Plus, agents can make their own customizations on top of their location’s local template. And since the Pitch Deck is an integrated resource for our agents inside of Envoy, the technological hub of agents’ business, their information automatically populates in.

Agents can easily upload customized PDFs from Nest Design Center of staging checklists, case studies of past sales, marketing strategy, and local comps so each client gets a personalized experience from their potential listing agent.

I LOVE IT! Thank you... for making my job so much easier. It would take me the rest of my life to come up with something ... if I had to do it on my own! a happy Nest agent
[I] used the new Pitch Deck with a new client last week, and they loved it. Thanks, guys! a happy Nest agent

Show off agents’ local expertise and involvement? Check. Highlight agents’ market knowledge? Check. Feature happy client testimonials? Check. Stun with amazing design? Check. Easy to share with potential new clients? Check. The Pitch deck does it all.


The Listing Pitch Deck wows Nest clients and agents alike.

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