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Nest Styles

Your personal style Nest-ified.

No two Nesters are the same, so why should they be using the exact same branding?


A personal style: everyone’s got one! From how you dress to how you decorate your home to what you post on Instagram–how you present yourself to the world says a lot about you. The same thing applies to your personal brand as an agent. That’s why we created Nest Styles: four unique sub-brands that all live under the same Nest brand umbrella. Agents have access to marketing materials in each style, so they can change it up (or not) as they choose. Use one or use them all. Nest Styles allow each agent’s marketing to be different, yet still Nesty–just like them!

Meet the Nest Styles: Nest Classic, Nest Luxe, Nest Bold, and Nest Minimal. Nest Classic is for the traditionalist and Nest-loyalists. It’s an approachable style built on our tried-and-true color palette and friendly typography. We love it for its clean look and universal appeal. Nest Luxe is for those who prefer a little more drama. It’s a modern style built on a moody color palette and sharp typography. We love it for its contemporary look and elevated appeal. Nest Bold is for the more playful. It’s a memorable style built on a bright color palette and fun typography. We love it for its trendy look and eye-catching appeal. And finally, Nest Minimal is for the lovers of soft linens and natural finishes. It’s a sophisticated style built on a neutral color palette and traditional typography. We love it for its muted look and design-forward appeal.

To launch the Nest Styles, we created graphics across all our agent’s digital touchpoints, from our online tool platform to our internal Nest Facebook forum and email newsletter, the Birdcall. But how would Nesters know which style to use first? We created the Nest Styles Quiz, a fun, interactive personality quiz that matched them up to their perfect Nest Style fit. With over 60% of agents taking the quiz, we’d say the response to these styles has been positive. Which one would you use?


Nest styles help our agents take their personal brand to the next level, and we love to see it.

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