banner with snowflakes that reads "Let It Snow"
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“Let it Snow” Banner

Since we had no place to go… let it snow!

Each winter season, we aim to send our clients something thoughtful to engage with and use in their home.


We make sure every mailer we send through our Friends of Nest program, from the market reports to NEST Magazine is useful. But for the winter time mailers, we like to go one step further: make it engaging with a built-in activity. Our goal is to mail clients a quick craft or project they can do to relax, celebrate, or give the family something to do for fun. In a particularly unprecedented (we know, we know) holiday season, we landed on a wintery DIY bunting banner kit that reads “Let it Snow.”

4 card options for holiday mailer

The banner kit was mailed in one of four beautifully designed holiday cards Nesters could choose from, along with a personalized message inside. With thick-cut letters that could be decorated with markers, stickers, stamps, rhinestones, or simply left a beautiful snowy white, clients could hang it up in their home in whatever space needed a little extra cheer. Plus, the quality of the piece allowed clients to take the banner down and store it with the rest of their decorations once the snow melted and flowers started to bloom.

holiday mailer card, envelope, and Let it Snow banner packaging

With Nest locations spanning across a variety of geographies and climates, we had to be creative when it came to the winter mailer. While not every location may see snow each winter, we thought the phrase is well-loved and oft-used enough to make it practically universal. Plus, an added benefit of DIY kits is you can make them your own. We loved seeing how all of our clients brought the “Let it Snow” banner to life to help celebrate the season.

Let It Snow banner displayed on mantle with fireplace

The “Let it Snow” banner became a frosty favorite by encouraging clients’ creativity. 

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