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The central nervous system of our tools and tech.

We continually innovate, develop, and leverage the best technology to enhance our client experience and keep our flock ahead of the curve.


[email protected]™ is our proprietary suite of end-to-end technology applications that help make the buying and selling process more seamless for both clients and agents. We partnered with @properties to custom-build it to be the one-stop-shop for agents and brokers use to run their businesses, from marketing a property, to organizing client information, to recruiting, to handling transactions end-to-end, and so much more.

At Nest, we don’t use technology just for the sake of having technology. Our belief is that the right real estate tech should help during all phases of business—from managing it to nurturing prospects to connecting with clients. That’s why we designed [email protected] to be an all-in-one system that’s simple, intuitive, and one of the most powerful tech ecosystems in our industry.

We know technology can’t replace a great agent, but it can enhance an agent’s value to clients. With a variety of integrated tools and services, [email protected] not only helps streamline agents’ business, but it also helps it grow.

[email protected] is the central hub that houses the dozens of tools in our tech ecosystem. Everything we offer adds value to our flock by supporting daily tasks and long-term business goals. Need to see it to believe it? Take a look at all the tasks and goals agents can accomplish using the tools in [email protected]:

Manage their business:

  • Dashboard: Agents view important updates, announcements, and how their business goals are tracking.
  • Deal Management System (DMS): An intuitive system that enables agents to track and manage all aspects of real estate transactions.
  • Nest U: Nest Realty’s home for ongoing education with an ever-expanding library

Connect with clients:

  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM): With seamless tethering to other marketing and nurturing tools, agents never miss a chance to connect with clients.
  • @opens: Level up an open house with custom digital sign-in forms and notes on attendees for personalized follow ups.
  • Digital Listing Presentation: Agent information auto-populates, and they can further customize to wow potential clients.

Analyze the market:

  • Home Reports: It automatically notifies agents and their clients of new listings, price reductions, and sales of comparable properties.
  • Digital Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Agents can access up-to-the-minute MLS data on the fly to create customizable reports

Create marketing:

  • Nest Design Center: How agents can easily create personalized and impactful marketing using beautifully designed Nest templates.
  • ContentHub: An online library of all the latest content crafted and designed by our in-house team of writers and creatives.

Promote their brand and properties:

  • eCampaigns: Promote listings, open houses, or simply keep in touch with clients by sending digital newsletters.
  • Adwerx: Agents can promote listings and their business across the web with a few clicks (at participating Nest Realty locations).
  • @Turf: Create custom location maps for listings, highlighting nearby amenities for clients

Nurture their sphere:

  • Friends of Nest (FON): Send personalized mailings that make sphere marketing a breeze.
  • Client Appreciation Program (CAP): Customize and purchase curated, Nesty gifts for rockstar clients.
  • Moments Program: A streamlined way to reach out to clients for key milestones like home anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Closing Milestones: Clients get access to more information with transaction tracking, messaging, and documents, all in a beautifully designed dashboard.

Plus, privacy and security are at the center of all of our technology conversations. And since we built [email protected], we control the data. It’s as simple as that. Agents don’t have to worry about a third party vendor selling or using client data for their benefit.

If it doesn’t already exist, Nest dreams it up and makes it happen. Beautiful integration of programs and support... My organization, marketing, and client retention has never been so consolidated and concise. a happy Nest agent

[email protected] empowers Nesters to streamline their business and offer an impressively seamless client experience.

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