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Inspection Survival Kit

Inspect the uninspected.

We turn an often dreaded and stressful day into a memorable and thoughtful moment for our clients.


Inspection Day is typically one of the most important milestones in a home buyer’s journey. While it’s exciting to get back into the home after the initial house visits, the inspection can also bring stress and confusion, especially for first-time buyers. At the request of one of our own Nest agents, we created the Inspection Survival Kit as a thoughtful and useful tool to help make the day a little more enjoyable for our clients and our agents.

What’s in the box? The Inspection Survival Kit houses a Nest-branded tape measure, pen, graph notepad, and flashlight. There’s also space for local snacks and drinks. Agents can further add their own personal stamp to the kit by using ready-to-go customizable templates for stickers, cards, and more.

The Inspection survival kit is one of the core components to our Buyer’s Journey that we have carefully curated for our agents. From blogs, to cards, to taking notes in their Buyer’s Workbook, we ensure our agents are poised as knowledgeable partners for their clients throughout the entire process.

When narrowing down the vessel for the Inspection Survival Kit, we wanted to create something that would be used for the inspection day and beyond. We thoughtfully created a box that is able to house loose items, or be recycled after a client is done with it.

Cookie jars and inspection boxes make the buying side fun! happy Nest agent

The Inspection Survival Kit is a fun, branded, experiential moment that engages and equips clients with the tools they need when they’re inspecting.

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